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1.Hotel:Lowest price from 80yuan/day.

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Special Recommend visiting Lijiang River by Bamboo raft

If you don't visit Lijiang river,you don't visit Guilin.There are three method to visit Lijiang river,A.Pleasure boat.the price is 360Yuan for foreigner and expensive B.Go on foot. It is hard work to cove 25km along Lijiang river C. Bamboo raft. price is 120 yuan. The scenery of Lijiang river concentrate between Yangdi (杨堤) and Xinping (兴坪),the bamboo raft begin from Yangdi and end inXinping.(more detail)

Guilin Brief Introduction

Guilin is situated along the Lijiang River, which is a great travel attraction itself. The beauty of the crystal-clear water and the karst peaks towering into the sky has attracted travelers and, particularly artists, to this area for centuries. The pointed peaks with sheer cliffs on all sides that you see in traditional Chinese paintings in museumsare based on the reality of the Guilin mountains.

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World natural heritage Danxia landform Bajiaozha

The Bajiao Zhai is located in the Ziyuan County where is in the intersection point of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Hunan province.The Bajiao Zhai was evaluated as one of the beautiful Danxia landforms in China by the China national geographic in 2005, Langshan danxia, include Bajiao Zhai, were list in the world natural heritage in 2010.It coves more than 40 square kilometers and its landform shape is developed richly. Honored as “soul of the Danxia landform” by the concerned experts, the Bajiao Zhai is worth to visit.

Guilin ancient town and village

Guilin has a long history as the most beautiful place in China.Cuilin is established in the Qin Dynasty as a regional powerbase for Qin Shi Huang (first emperor of China). In B.C. 214 year, Ling canal was dug, which connect the Lijaing river and the Xiang river .Guilin had described “the south and north ia connected by Li canal”. Guilin became politics of Guangxi district and central area of culture since Song dynasty (960–1279), so a lot of ancient monument are left around Guilin.

Guilin ancient architecture group mainly refers to the ancient buildings with a certain scale, historical value and artistic value, in rural areas surrounding Guilin. Guilin ancient building accounted for nearly half of ancient buildings Guangxi. Since ancient times, the goods of Central Plains region entered into Guangxi mainly through two pathways: one is Xianggui corridor, the other one is Xiao-he Road, the ancient trade route, many monuments still retain along the ancient trade road.


May be there are some introductions about Daxu ancient townin your guide book ,but do you kown Daxu ancient town is the land end of southern silk road in Guilin ? The other question is do you kown the Land to sea silk road ? If you want to know the detailed contents,Click here please.

Tourism Map Of Guilin City
Tourism Map Of Guilin Suburban Area

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